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Peggy Wolff, RN, MS

Environmental Medicine
Peggy Wolff is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse, with a specialized practice in Environmental and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Pathologies. Peggy was one of the original co-developers and CORE Faculty members of the American Holistic Nurses Association Certificate Program in Holistic Nursing. She is presently the Director of Healthy People, Healthy Places, an environmental health counseling service, in Amherst, MA. Peggy donates much of her time and resources to educating the public on “sick school” environments, and the hazards to teachers, students and others that they pose. Additionally, she passionately promotes work-place toxicity awareness to health care workers and nurses in the hope of stemming the rising tide of environmental illnesses.

The Nightingale 2010 Initiative congratulates Peggy Wolff
on her outstanding contribution to Nursing.

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